Teaching Our Peacemakers!

The future of our planet begins with our peacemakers. Our child care, preschool and primary/elementary programs will teach them that being at peace with themselves will allow them to be at peace with their community and their environment. We’re located conveniently near I-264, Rosemont Road, Lynnhaven Road and Green Run.


Mindfulness of the Mind

Mindfulness of the mind is taught through reflective thinking of problem-solving, critical thinking & experimental learning/exploration.


Mindfulness of the Body

Mindfulness of the body is taught through movement mediation, mindful eating & connecting with nature through the outside classroom.


Mindfulness of Emotions

Mindfulness of the spirit and emotions is taught through meditation, reflection and guided imagery.

Teaching Mind, Body, Spirit Practices


From preschool and child care up through elementary school, our peacemakers’ schedule is broken into learning blocks. Each block integrates mind/body practices.

Literacy Block

Peacemakers (students) will engage in mindful movement, visual arts, poems, songs, chants, rhymes & stories to understand literacy which includes coding, reading & writing.

Science Block

Peacemakers (students) will engage in problem-solving, critical thinking & experimental learning/exploration in our outdoor classroom through STEAM & Inquiry-Based Learning.

Math Block

Peacemakers (students) will engage in mindful movement, visual arts, poems, songs, chants, rhymes & stories to understand math which includes numbers, patterns, measurement, data, space and geometry.

Nutrition Block

Peacemakers (students) will engage in mindful eating and nutrition education to understand how eating a whole foods-based diet and overall healthy eating habits can have a major impact on physical and psychological health.

Our Classroom Extends Beyond Our Walls

Our Peacemakers Learn “Outside“ while inside the


Taking Advantage of the “Great Outdoors“!

Where Learning Happens “Outside“


Develop senses in the


A Sensational Sensory Experience



Plants with “Textural Appeal“


Plants with “Soothing Sounds“


Plants with “Visual Appeal“


Plants that are “Edible“


Plants with “Smelling Sensation“

Child Care For Military Families

We’re a Virginia Beach School Accepting Military Subsidies!

Save on Child Care, After-School Care & More with Our

10% Military Discount

Contact CCAoA’s Parent Services line at 1-800-424-2246 option 3 to determine your eligibility. Give them our Provider Number: P#9128601

Our Way of Saying “THANK YOU“ For Your Service!

Holistic Life Schools cultivate peacemakers beyond school hours and beyond preschool students. School-aged students aged between 3 and 12 can learn mind/body practices, as well.

Life Before & After School

Before and Afterschool Activity Block

Students (Peacemakers) have the opportunity to engage in an additional hour of unstructured play, additional time to practice mindful eating with healthy snacks and afternoon activities that are supported by Holistic Life Schools’ curriculum. Those activities include mindful movement, light gardening, dance, art, public library time, and music.


“Dance is the language of the soul.“

Martha Graham


“Earth without art is just Eh.“

-Demitri Martin


“Reading without reflecting is like eating without digesting“
Edmund Burke


“Music is life that is why our hearts have beats.“

-Cecily Morgan

What Parents Have to Say


They are incredibly kind and connected with the students. My son was extremely happy from day 1. He can’t wait to get in the building most days and talks to us about school all the time. He has been in daycare since he was 3 months old and we have never seen anywhere close to that level of enthusiasm about school before. My kiddo has alway been sweet, smart, and empathetic, but he is noticeably calmer and happier since starting at HLS. We love that he is so happy here!


This school saved my son’s love of learning… Public school was failing him. He dreaded school. I can not sing the praises of Holistic Life School’s staff enough. They are loving, nurturing, understanding, hands on, embrace the messy, excited spirit of the child, encourage them to dig deeper into learning what excites them and inspires them.


The small class sizes have ensured that our son gets the attention he needs and is not lost in the shuffle like his previous school. Hands down one of the best decisions we have made as parents was choosing Holistic Life School!!


The school has very warm and nurturing environment, all the teachers are very welcoming and build genuine connection with kids. The day is packed with activities that are both educational and fun, our little guys also enjoy free play time at the big backyard where they build forts, play games and observe wildlife. For parents peace of mind, there is enhanced safety, easy sign in process and healthy meals. We also get photo updates that we use to discuss with kids at the end of the day.

Angela R.

The children are unrestricted yet focused, absorbing the lessons being shared with them. They are supported in their every day as they not only learn their ABCs and 123s, but also as they grow to learn more about who they are, where their personal curiosities lie, what they’re feeling and how to process emotions.

Holistic Life Schools – S. Plaza Trail

3620 S. Plaza Tr. Virginia Beach, VA 23452

+1 757-219-2722