4 Reasons for Our Sensory Garden

March 25, 2022

At Holistic Life Schools, located in Virginia Beach, VA, we integrate mind/body practices to develop mindfulness, resilience and a passion for learning for peacemakers ages 3 to 12 years old. Our philosophy is to teach your child mindfulness so they can develop the skills necessary to recognize their emotions and modify their behaviors. Our sensory garden is a place for your child to experience their five senses, practice mindfulness, and have a unique experience. Discover new opportunities with our programs today!

Hands of an adult and a child planting a plant in soil

Five Senses

At Holistic Life Schools, our sensory garden allows your child to experience their five senses (touch, hearing, sight, taste, and smell.) Our peacekeepers (teachers) will encourage peacemakers (students) to engage in activities, such as the texture of plants, the sounds of chirping birds, and much more.


Our sensory garden teaches our students mindfulness. We strive to encourage your child to be mindful of themselves, their community, and their environment. Through the utilization of their five senses, peacemakers explore the world around them. Through stimulation of different tastes, smells, and more, your child will gain awareness of their environment.

A girl and a boy planting a small tree

Unique Experience

At Holistic Life Schools, our commitment is to provide a unique experience for our peacemakers that will prepare them for life-long learning. Peacemakers will engage in exploration and critical thinking in our outdoor classroom (adjacent to the sensory garden) using Inquiry-Based Learning. Inquiry-Based learning is a process that engages our peacemakers by helping them to make connections with real-world experiences (such as growing their own food in the sensory garden), exploration and high-level questioning. There is much to be learned inside an “outside” classroom. Our outdoor classrooms include fun and engaging opportunities for our peacemakers. Our peacekeepers (teachers) strive to create a holistic and mindful environment for your child to grow and succeed.

Group of happy children holding vegetables from a garden

Why Choose Our School?

Our school integrates mind/ body practices for your child, to encourage their love or learning, develop resilience and cultivate mindfulness. We want all of our peacemakers to feel at peace with the world they live in, and we believe our approach will cultivate inner peace and happiness within themselves. At Holistic Life Schools, our unique approach teaches our peacemakers to be mindful of themselves, their community and the environment. Our sensory garden is a wonderful experience for your child to explore their five senses, cultivate mindfulness and provide them with a unique experience unlike anything else. Learn more about our sensory garden here!